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UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS University Health System is soliciting sealed proposals for the solicitation(s) listed below: Bid#: RFP-215-07-025-SVC Name of Bid/Proposal: Environmental Services Area Ground Floor Rio Tower Renovations Due Date: 8/27/15, 2:00 pm Open Date: 8/27/15, 2:05 pm The pre-submittal will be held at the University Hospital, 4502 Medical Drive, San antonio, TX on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 @10:00am, Environmental Services Department, Rio Tower Ground Floor, Room aSL17. Meeting is not mandatory, however, strongly encouraged. Completed proposal packages are to be delivered prior to but not after 2:00 p.m. on the due date noted. Delivery addre ss is University Health System Business Center, 355-2 Spencer Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78201. Electronic copies of the RFP will be available to download from University Health System's website at: www.universityhealthsystem.com/bids. Bid packages will not be mailed to vendors. RFP number is required to appear somewhere on the FedEx waybill. No unlawful discrimination will be made against bidders, vendors, or contractors.
Location: mysanantonio.com | Publication date: 08/01/15

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