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We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy extended to us upon the death of our loved one
Anita Steitle Pehl
Special thanks to Dr. John Ramsay, the Nurses and Staff of Knopp Nursing Home #1, Msgr. Enda McKenna, vocalist Tricia Eilers, organist Mary Ann Murchison, pallbearers: Ronald Kozielski, Jym Chenault, Troy Pehl, Brian Pehl, Stephen Pehl, Ross Pehl, and Schaetter’s Funeral Home.
Sincere thanks to everyone who sent flowers, sympathy cards, prayers, memorials, Mass offerings, and food to the family.
The Family of Anita Pehl
Adeline, Wilburn, Kenton, Alvin Jr., and Jerry
Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Location: Fredericksburg Standard | Publication date: 01/28/15

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