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Defendant Greetings:


You have been sued. You may employ an attorney. If you or your attorney do not file a written answer with the clerk of the court who issued this citation by 10 o’clock a.m. on the Monday following the expiration of 42 (forty two) days after the date of issuance of this citation, a default judgment may be taken against you.

Said Original Petition was filed in the 72nd District Court of Lubbock County, Texas, on April 6, 2016, the file number of said suit being Cause Number 2016520236.

You are commanded to appear by filing a written answer to the Original Petition at or before I0 o’clock a.m. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance of this Citation, the same being Monday, JULY 11, 2016, before the Honorable 72nd District Court of Lubbock County, Texas, at the Courthouse in Lubbock, Texas.

The names of the parties in said suit are:

Jose Trevino,
Johanna Sproed,

The nature of said suit being substantially as follows, to wit:  Original Petition.

Plaintiff is represented by:
E. Ryne Hutcheson, 1220 Avenue K, Lubbock, Texas 79401, (806) 744-4477.  Issued and given under my hand and seal of said Court at Lubbock County, Texas, this Friday, May 27, 2016 at 11:19 AM.
Barbara Sucsy, District Clerk
72nd District Court
PO Box 10536 (79408)
904 Broadway
Lubbock, Texas 79401
By Ryan S. Crumley, Deputy

Location: Idalou Beacon | Publication date: 06/24/16

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