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NOTICE TO THE REGISTERED OWNER AND/OR LIEN HOLDERS OF THE FOLLOWING MOTOR VEHICLES: Make & Year: Flatbed Trailer License Plate: NONE Vehicle ID#: NONE Color: Grey Removed From: 1929 E Park Row Arlington, Texas Total Charges $332.88as of 10-22-14 Auction Date: 12-4-14 You are hereby informed that the above described motor vehicle is in custody at Kelly McKnight Wrecker Service Inc. at 1108 Harrison, Arlington, Texas; TELEPHONE (817) 265-1336. If the described motor vehicles are not reclaimed, they shall be reported to the Arlington Police Department as abandoned and subject to public auction. THIS NOTICE IS GIVEN IN COMPLIANCE TO THE VEHICLE STORAGE FACILITY ACT 6687-9a CHAPTER 79, 9b
Location: star-telegram.com | Publication date: 10/25/14

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