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The City of Springtown is seeking proposals from Texas Registered Professional Engineering for municipal
engineering services including but not limited to study Springtown’s water intake system and Projected
Lake Levels at Eagle Mountain Lake and recommendations concerning need for improvements, engineering
services required for compliance with state and federal regulations and other services commonly required by
The proposal must be submitted to and received by the Springtown City Secretary by 4:00 p.m. April 17,
2015. Such proposal must demonstrate experience, competence and qualifications in the following:
Municipal capital improvements projects
Federally funded construction projects
Projects located in this general region of the state
Demonstrations of ability to complete timely permit applications
Knowledge of operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities
Please provide a list of municipal and other local government clients for the past five years, a resume and
location (address) of all personnel who will perform work for Springtown if your firm is awarded the contract.
Please limit the proposal to ten double spaced pages.
Pursuant to the provisions of §2254.004, Texas Government Code, the City will first select the most highly
qualified provider of services on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications and their attempt
to negotiate a contract at a fair and reasonable price.

Location: Springtown Epigraph | Publication date: 04/01/15

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