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Notice of Public Meeting
Pursuant to Chapter 36.108 of the Texas Water Code, a Public Hearing is scheduled by the Board of Directors of the Rolling Plains Groundwater Conservation District to obtain public comments on the proposed DFC’s (Desired Future Conditions) for area aquifers recently proposed by Groundwater Management Area 6.  The Hearing will be held in the District Office located at 135 North Munday Avenue in Munday, Texas at 7:00 pm July 21, 2016.
1. The President will call the RPGDC Board of Directors meeting to order and establish a quorum.
2. The President will convene the public hearing.
3. The Board will receive public comment on the following:
a. Proposed DFC’s for relevant aquifers in GMA 6.
4. The President will adjourn the public hearing and reconvene the RPGCD Board of Directors Meeting. 26c

Location: | Publication date: 06/30/16

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