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"To satisfy a warehouseman's lien, ROADRUNNER MOVING & STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION WORLDWIDE, INC, AIReS, CONTINUUM, AND NETMOVE will sell at public auction the household goods, personal effects and office / industrial equipment belonging to the following: Yewente Abera, Bacas Interventional Pain Management, Kareem Braithwaite, Chuck and Karen Brown, Nathaniel Brown, Angelica Buenrostro, Richard Carreiro, John Casey, CT Pediatrics, Amber Couch, Dominic Da Sashi, Derrick Davis, Marcos Frederico De Almeida, Dwight DeBacker, Richard Dunn, Mostafa Ellaboudy, Jasmine Ellis, James Etheridge, Nick Franceschini, Sergio Godoy, Jimmy Hawkins, Timothy Hoxie, David Ladd, Rodolfo Martinez, David Mullen, Catrina Nemeti, Henry Opolot, Javier A. Perez, PTS Labs, Kywanda Reddick, Koliyot Shreyas, Mohammad Swadi, Dwight Temple, Chad J. Thomas, Tucker Tracy, Tracy Tucker, Timothy Vernon, Suzanne Vito and/or Sal Vito, Erick Wolfenberger, Raymond Wright, and George Young.The auction will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 14043 South Gessner Road, Missouri City, Texas 77489 at 10:00 A.M."
Location: houstonchronicle.com | Publication date: 03/26/17

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