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NOTICE OF COMPETITIVE BIDSHarris County is requesting offers for the projects listed below. Offer requirements, including item description(s), submission due dates and times, type of pricing, payment method, and any bonding requirements, may be obtained on line at https://purchasing.harriscountytx.gov, or in the Purchasing Agent's office. Return offers to Harris County Purchasing Agent, 1001 Preston, Suite 670, Houston, Texas 77002, no later than 2:00 p.m. local time in Houston, Texas on specified due dates.Bids/Proposals Due April 23, 2018Job 18/0091 Professional Engineering and Related Consulting Services to Conduct a Regional Study of the San Jacinto River Basin Job 18/0092 Automated Scrub and Linen Dispensing SystemsJob 18/0096 Asphalt Road/Trail Overlays, Repairs, New Shoulders and Shared Use Paths Within and Near County Parks, Precinct 1Job 18/0097 Asphalt Concrete Pavement Overlay and Base Repair of Various Roads, Precinct 1Job 18/0098 Gravel, Stone and Related Items Bids/Proposals Due April 30, 2018Job 18/0081 Evaluation of the Disbursements FunctionJob 18/0093 Deionized Water Services Job 18/0094 Maintenance Services for Radiological Imaging EquipmentJob 18/0099 Financial System Cybersecurity Readiness AssessmentJob 18/0100 Professional Architectural and Engineering Services for the Design of the Pinemont Office BuildingJob 18/0102 Investment Consultant Services for 401K Plan, 457(b) Plan and Pension Plan Job 18/0104 Navigation Mapping System Job 18/0105 Dense-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt and Related Items, Precinct 2Job 18/0107 Office PaperJob 18/0108 Customer Insight Studies Job 18/0109 Pneumatic Tire Forklifts Bids/Proposals Due May 7, 2018Job 18/0101 Installation and Modification of Traffic Signal Systems and Related Improvements (Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference on Tuesday, April 24, 2018)Job 18/0110 First Aid Supplies and Related ItemsJob 18/0111 Printed Court FormsJob 18/0112 Sex Offender Treatment ServicesJob 18/0113 Rental of Dust Mops, Mats, Shop Towels and Related Items Job 18/0119 Diesel Fuel and Related ItemsJob 18/0120 Cleaning of Storm Sewer Inlets, Pipes and Boxes Bids/Proposals Due May 14, 2018Job 18/0106 Repair and Improvements to Existing Records Storage Shelving (Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference on Tuesday, May 1, 2018)Job 18/0114 Asphalt Overlay of Various Roads (Package 2), Precinct 3 Job 18/0115 Mowing and Maintenance Services, Precinct 2Job 18/0116 Water System Improvements at Swea Gardens, Precinct 2Job 18/0117 Repair of Various Roads in the Crosby Camp Area for the BetterStreets2Neighborhoods Community Program, Precinct 2 Bids/Proposals Due May 21, 2018Job 18/0118 Legal Services for the Collection of Unpaid Tolls, Fees, Fines and Costs ______________________DeWight Dopslauf, C.P.M., CPPOPurchasing Agent
Location: houstonchronicle.com | Publication date: 04/20/18

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