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Notice of Public Sale
Prime Storage will sell the described Property at public sale to satisfy landlordís lien per Ch. 59 of the Texas Property Code on the following terms; highest bidder for cash with payment to be made at the time of sale.  Bring sales tax permit I.D. Seller reserves the right to Refuse bids, credit bid, and withdraw any item from sale.  Property will be sold at: 9333 Main St., Houston 77025 on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 9:15 AM.  Erica Woods- mattress, headboard, totes & boxes; Terry Fox- restaurant items, coke machine, deep fryers; Stephen Hodge- couch, loveseat, baby items; Belinda Stafford- bbq grill, boxes,t otes, clothes; Mildred James- glass cabinets, clothes, desks, chairs; Terrance Sheared- refrigerator, chest freezer, restaurant equip; Peppi Smith- tables, furniture, boxes, couch, chairs; Teddrick Richards- mattresses, tires, clothes, totes, boxes; Steven Hailey- couch, chairs, tables, dresser; Kerstie Lewis- mattresses, totes, refrigerator, table & chairs; Rashanda Bolden- motorized wheelchair, table & chairs, boxes, clothes; Shonda Washington- furniture, mattresses, clothes; Elissa Montgomery- clothes, childís furniture, totes, boxes; Darlene Price- furniture, totes, mattresses; Danny Calloway-mattresses, w/d set, clothes; Cleve Dillworth, Jr- mattresses, clothes, dresser, totes; Wanda Robinson- mattresses & frame, table & chairs, boxes; Aquanallia Johnson- couch & loveseat, table & chairs; Patricia Stelly- stereo equipment, tires, totes; Victor Gilbert- mattresses, w/d set, bdrm set; Charlotte Graves- table & chairs, clothes, tires; Evonia Wilmore- couch, loveseat, tables, mattresses; Shirley King- boxes, totes; Tenisha Johnson-mattresses, clothes, chairs, totes

Location: Daily Court Review | Publication date: 12/09/13

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