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PUBLIC NOTICE On May 26, 2016, the Municipal Court of the City of Arlington, Texas, conducted a public hearing, resulting in the following orders. If the terms of these orders are not met, a designee of the Director of Code Compliance Services is authorized to perform the actions described and assess the expenses against the property. Alternatively, the City is authorized to assess a civil penalty in the amount of $250.00 per day that a Residential property continues to be in violation and $1,000 on a Commercial property that continues to be in violation of these orders. A copy of these orders may be obtained from the City Secretary's Office of the City of Arlington, Texas, 101 W. Abram, Arlington, Texas. ORDERED: The structure located at 1516 Cherokee Street, Arlington, Texas, was declared to be substandard. The owners have 60 days, with 30 additional days for lien holders to keep the property secured, and to remove, demolish, or repair the structure to minimum ordinance standards.
Location: star-telegram.com | Publication date: 05/28/16

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