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CAUSE NO. 2016-41980In the District Court ofHarris County, Texas11th Judicial DistrictIn re Barbara Reed,Petitioner.NOTICE TO PERSONS WITH ADVERSE INTEREST OF HEARING ON PETITION TO TAKEDEPOSITIONS INANTICIPATION OF SUITTo:General ElectricCompanyVia registered agent inTexas1999 Bryan St., Ste. 900Dallas, TX 75201-3136Rogers CorporationVia TX Sec. of Stateto Co. President1 Technology Drive, P.O. Box 188Rogerst, CT 06263Occidental PetroleumCompanyVia registered agent inTexas1999 Bryan St., Ste 900Dallas, TX 75201-3136Schneider ElectricUSA, Inc.Via registered agent inTexas211 E. 7th StreetSuite 620Austin, TX 78701-321 Plastics EngineeeringCompanyVia TX Sec. of State toCo. President3518 Lakeshore Road,P.O. Box 758Sheboygan, WI53082-0758Solvay America Inc.Via registered agent in Texas211 E. 7th StreetSuite 620Austin, TX 78701-3218Reichhold, Inc.Via registered agent inTexas211 E. 7th StreetSuite 620Austin, Texas 78701-3218Union CarbideCorporationVia registered agent inTexas1999 Bryan St., Ste. 900Dallas, TX 75201-3136Petitioner, Barbara Reed, has filed the attached petition to obtain deposition testimony of herself, Barbara Reed, and of her former employer, Schneider Electric USA, Inc., a corporation.You have received this notice because you are a person or entity who potentially has an adverse interest in the anticipated litigation.A hearing is set on the petition on July 15, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. in the courtroom of the Honorable Mark Davidson, presiding judge of the MDL Civil Court, 11th Judicial District, sitting in the Harris County Civil Courthouse, located at 201 Caroline, 17th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002, Harris County.Respectfully submitted,HENDLER LYONS FLORES, PLLCBy: /s/.Scott M. Hendler Texas Bar No. 09445500shendler@hendleerlaw.comRebecca Ruth WebberTexas Bar No. 24060805rwebber@hendlerlaw.com1301 West 25th StreetSuite 400Austin, Texas 78705 Telephone: (512) 439-3202Facsimile: (512) 439-3201ATTORNEYS FORPETITIONERCERTIFICATEOF SERVICEI certify that the Notice to Persons with Adverse Interest of Hearing on Petition to take Depositions in Anticipation of Suit will be served to all known and unknown persons with a potential adverse interest in the anticipated litigation in accordance with Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 202.3(a) and 202.3(b)./s/ Scott M. HendlerTo view the Petition for Cause No. 2016-41980 in its' entirety, please visit www.hendlerlaw.com. You will find a link on the homepage where you can obtain a copy of the Petition. Please contact the undersigned attorney on this Notice if you have trouble viewing the Petition.
Location: houstonchronicle.com | Publication date: 06/27/16

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