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  Notice is hereby given that on or after JANUARY 17, 2013 U-Haul Company of Dallas will be offering for sale under the contractual landlords Lien Process, by PUBLIC AUCTION,  the following storage units.  The goods to be sold are generally described as household goods.  U-Haul Company of Dallas reserves the right to refuse any and all bids. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to attend the Public Auction.  Payment will be made in cash only. Contents of units listed below are as follows: Mattresses, box springs, tables, chairs, sofas, loveseats, garden tools, office furniture, wall hangings, automotive parts, clothes, bikes, books, boxes, bags, and misc. household goods (unless otherwise indicated).  The sales will begin at or after 8:00AM and continue day by day until all units are sold.
Luther Davis, Auctioneer, TX 8325
U-HAUL STORAGE WAXAHACHIE—1103 W. Hwy. 287 Bypass, Waxahachie, Tx. 75165:
0308-Aretha Simmons; 0329-Alice Torres; 0431-Jamone Lacey; 0615-Christy Renee Holland; 0750-Christopher Torres; 0824-Shelby Nicole Pacheco; 0833-Michael Childress; 0922-Sharon Garcia; 0949-Jennifer Huschke. 
U-HAUL STORAGE DESOTO—1245 S. I-35E., DeSoto, Tx. 75115:                                            034-James Taylor, 097-Larry Wrice; 107-Johnny Simmons; 167-Eula Dillon; 178-Loretta Miller; 188-James Sheffield; 194-Shaylor Land; 291-Shukietra McNac; 300-Gladys Thomas.
U-HAUL STORAGE REDBIRD—5409 S. Westmoreland Rd., Dallas, Tx. 75237:
300-Joseph Jackson; 342-Shan Hall; 343-Demarcus Hadnot; 405-Dana Andrews; 505-Leamon Harper; 611-Maisha Wright; 620-Marsh Tajuanaza; 634-Tommy L. Smith; 652-Ebony Spence; 847-James Henderson; 848-Diamond Walton; 893-Darieshia Turner; 1015-Sharon Germany; 1021-Mystery Room; 1159-Tenila Thompson; 1170-Latonya Taylor.
U-HAUL STORAGE CEDAR RIDGE—1022 S. Cedar Ridge, Duncanville, Tx. 75137:                      B092-Terrance Feltus; B194-Catherine McCullough; B405-Shandon Finley; C709-Kordell Tezeno; C711-Louis Love.
U-HAUL STORAGE TARRANT RD.—2455 Tarrant Rd., Grand Prairie, Tx. 75050:
110-Miguel Camargo; 133-Byron Duarte; 446-Ruben Jackson; 514-15-Brandy Humphrey; 517-Diann Williams; 586-Farron Edwards; 601-Marquita Barbie; 657/719-Imari Cato; 664-Roger Burks; 671-Jerry Hayes; 736-Portia White; 771-Bryan Moore; 806-Julian Vicente.
U-HAUL STORAGE N. COLLINS ? 2729 N. Collins St., Arlington, Tx. 76006:
033-Greg Slack; 119-Stephanie Ferrell; 264A-Kenya Billingslea; 269-Julia Conley; 273-Juan Ayala; 451-Micheal Liscum; 523-Janet Watters; 606-Tawana Wilson; 712-Kimberly Martin; 750-Ellen Doling.
U-HAUL STORAGE RUFE SNOW ? 6550 Browning Dr., N. Richland Hills, Tx. 76180:
031-Amber Oliphant; 177-Dorothy Sanders; 344-Jack Hall; 403-Ashley Bridges; 463-Jackie Newman.
U-HAUL STORAGE ALTA MESA ? 3450 Alta Mesa Blvd. E., Ft. Worth, Tx. 76133:
013-Stephanie Houston; 014-William Hicks; 115-Latoya Thompson; 150-Brian E. Boyd; 309-Tamika Proctor; 315-Alan Shankle; 321-Latonya Anderson; 326-Venessa Davis; 327-Micheal May; 1010-Patrick Smith Jr.; 1036-Joyce Mitchell.
U-HAUL STORAGE HULEN ? 7225 S. Hulen St., Ft. Worth, Tx. 76133:
119/584/588-Vanessa Sargent; 172-Pam Bodiford; 182-Elbert Yearby; 298-Cheri B. Clark; 499-Antrice Lee; 523-Denise Johnson; 584/588-Vanessa Sargent; 617-Shawna Neal.

Location: Daily Commercial Record | Publication date: 01/02/13

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