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(County of Jack)
Bids will be received in the County Audito’s Office of Jack County, Texas until 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 19, 2014, for the purchase/lease/rental of various goods and services for Jack County.
The types of goods and services to be purchased/leased/rented are one or more of the following:
Motor Driven Soil Compactor 2014 or newer, 84” Drum Width*
* the minimum bid specifications and requirements to bid are contained in the Bid Form on file in the County Auditor’s office and at the Jack County Website at http://www.jackcounty.org/agenda/ under the title “FY 15 Soil Compactor Bids.”
Submission will provide all details for a rental or lease agreement for a minimum of 36 months detailing length and the amount to be paid monthly.
Bidders should use unit pricing in submitting their bids. Invoices delivered for payment will generally be paid by the second Monday of the month following receipt. A $200 performance bond payable to the County shall be required of the bidder.
The bids will be opened at 9:05 a.m. on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, by the County Auditor in the County Courtroom on the first floor of the County Courthouse in Jacksboro, Texas and awarded in the Commissioners Court’s business of Monday, November 19, 2014 at the same location beginning at 9:00 a.m.
Detailed specifications may be obtained by contacting:
Earlene Rhoades
Auditor- Jack County
Jack County Courthouse
Jacksboro, Texas 76458
Voice: (940) 567-2663
Fax: (940) 567-5978
The County’s website is located at: www.jackcounty.org
Bids should be submitting in a sealed number 10 or smaller envelope with the proper title (“Precinct 1 Motor Grader Bid”) on the outside of the bid envelope.
Bidders are encourage to be present at the bid opening to defend and answer questions about their bid.
Jack County reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and all bids.

Atlas Barnett, LLC, 425 Houston Street, Suite 300, Fort Worth, Tx 76102, is applying to the Railroad Commission of Texas for a permit to dispose of produced salt water or other oil and gas waste by well injection into a porous formation productive of oil or gas.
The applicant proposes to dispose of oil and gas waste into the Ellenberger, Post Oak 1 SW. The proposed disposal well is located 14.8 miles northwest of Jacksboro, in the Post Oak (Ellenberger) Field, in Jack County. The waste water will be injected into strata in the subsurface depth interval from 6800 to 9200 feet.
LEGAL AUTHORITY: Chapter 27 of the Texas Water Code, as amended, Title 3 of the Texas Natural Resources Code, as amended, and the Statewide Rules of the Oil and Gas Division of the Railroad Commission of Texas.
Requests for a public hearing from persons who can show they are adversely affected or requests for further information concerning any aspect of the application should be submitted in writing, within fifteen days of publication, to the Environmental Services Section, Oil and Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas, P.O. Box 12967, Austin, Texas 78711 (Telephone 512/463-6792)

Location: The Jack County Herald | Publication date: 11/21/14

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