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A Armadillo Self Storage wishing to exercise their rights as lienholder in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code,  as amended from time to time, hereby gives Notice of Sales under said act. To wit: on FEBRUARY 17, 2015 AT 12:00 P.M. at 5333 So. Collins St., Arlington, Texas,  A Armadillo Self Storage will conduct a public sale by auction. “Reserve” or “Minimum” Bids may be required on some or all units. Otherwise, the contents of the units noted below will be sold to the highest bidder. Terms of the sale are: CASH ONLY. All contents of storage units purchased must be removed from the property in a timely fashion. A refundable cash cleaning deposit will be required at time of sale. Any and all units may be removed from sale list at the discretion of management prior to sale date and/or time.
A0007 … Anna M. Thomson
E0003 … Steven E. Fulbright
E0057 … Zachary Maxwell
E0062 … Timothy M. Harris
G0007 … David V. Dao
H0013 … Michael A. Brown
H0025 … Pedro A. Villarreal Jr.
J0054 … Patricia A. Gayle
J0063 … Ralonda V. Johnson
K0046 … Frederick Alexander
K0052 … Carol J. Manzanares
K0055 … Terresha D. Stevens
K0061 … Andrew S. Swenson
L0007 … Elizabeth A. Jackson
L0051 … Jamekia L. Goodman
M0027… Larry D. Bonner
M0037… Sandra D. Roberson
M0044… Carmen M. Warren
M0060 … Samuel C. Flores
M0069 … Ramiro M. Juarez
M0071 … Victor E. McDonald
N0039 … Patricia C. Sullivan
N0040 … Sandra D. Roberson
T0009 … Antonio P. Serrano
T0011 … Ashley R. Hicks
U0005 … Lorenzo Hampton III
W0006 … Milton R. Shipp
Y0060 … Paul Garcia
Contents of said units contain household items unless otherwise stated.

Location: Daily Commercial Record | Publication date: 02/02/15

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