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City of Olney, 201 E Main, P.O. Box 546 Olney, Texas 76374. The owner(s) of 103 E Church, 709 S Ave C and 603 N Ave E: are in violation of Ordinance #01-02 Standard Structure Ordinance (nuisance, fire hazard and endangerment to public health) of the Code of Ordinance, of the City of Olney. Official notice is hereby given a public hearing will be held September 14, 2015 at 6:00 P.M. in City Hall. All those having interest in said properties should be present at this hearing.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of a certain executions issued the 29th DAY OF JULY 2015 out of COUNTY COURT, YOUNG COUNTY, TEXAS on a judgment rendered in said such Court in favor of STATE OF TEXAS Cause nos. CV04534, CV04557, CV4541, CV4540, CV4554 and styled as hands for service, I, Bryan Walls as Sheriff of Young County did on the 27th day of August 2015, levy upon the following described articles of personal property in Young County, Texas, as described as follows to wit;
1.Lot/Section number 15189, Block 15189 of the Akers BF Survey, currently in possession of David Burgess.
And that on the 6th DAY OF OCTOBER 2015, being the first Tuesday of said month, between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 p.m., on said day, at the courthouse door of said county, I will offer for sale and sell at public venue for cash, all the right, title, and interest of said defendant in and to said property.
Dated: 27 AUGUST 2015
Bryan Walls, Sheriff
Young County Sheriff’s Office
/s/By JIM BUDARF, Chief Deputy

Location: The Olney Enterprise | Publication date: 09/03/15

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