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Jamie Freeze Land
516 Fourth Street Room 201
Graham Tx 76450
Bethany F Lucking
710 Lamar Street Suite 3200
Wichita Falls, Tx 76301
NOTICE TO DEFENDANTS: “You have been sued. You may employ an attorney. If you or your attorney does not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation by 10:00 a.m. on the Monday next following the expiration of fortytwo days after the date of issuance of this citation and petition, a default judgment may be taken against you.”
TO: Daniel Mundo, Respondent
You are hereby commanded to appear by filing a written answer to the Original Petition in Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship at or before 10:00 o’clock, A.M., of the Monday next after the expiration of fortytwo days after the date of issuance of this citation, the same being the January 15, 2018 before the Honorable 90th District Court of Young County, Texas at the Courthouse of said County in Graham Texas. Said Plaintiff’s Petition was filed in said court on November 1, 2017, in this case numbered 33365 on the docket of said court, and styled:
The names of the parties to the cause are as follows:
JOSIE VILLA, Plaintiff
DANIEL MUNDO, Respondent
A brief statement of the nature of this suit is as follows, to wit: As more fully described in Plaintiffs Petition on file in this suit. The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law, and the mandates thereof, and make due return as the law directs. Issued and given under my hand and seal of said Court at office, this the 1st day of December, 2017.
Jamie Freeze Land, District Clerk
516 Fourth Street Room 201
Graham Texas 76450
/s/By: Jamie Freeze Land, Clerk
Proposed Flood Hazard Determinations for Young County, Texas and Incorporated Areas
The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued a preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), and where applicable, Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report, reflecting proposed flood hazard determinations within the unincorporated areas of Young County. These flood hazard determinations may include the addition or modification of Base Flood Elevations, base flood depths, Special Flood Hazard Area boundaries or zone designations, or the regulatory floodway. Technical information or comments are solicited on the proposed flood hazard determinations shown on the preliminary FIRM and/or FIS report for the aforementioned communities. These flood hazard determinations are the basis for the floodplain management measures that your community is required to either adopt or show evidence of being already in effect in order to qualify or remain qualified for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program. However, before these determinations are effective for floodplain management purposes, you will be provided an opportunity to appeal the proposed information. This appeal period will commence on the second publication date of this notice scheduled on or about December 13, 2017. For information on the statutory 90day period provided for appeals, as well as a complete listing of the communities affected and the locations where copies of the FIRM are available for review, please visit FEMA’s website at www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/fhm/bfe, or call the FEMA Map Information eXchange toll free at 1877FEMA MAP (18773362627).
The Preliminary FIRM and FIS report have been mailed to the local Floodplain Administrators. In addition, the FIRM and FIS report are available for review through an interactive mapping site online at http://maps.riskmap6.com.
Notice by Roy Thomas Pitcock Jr. of Graham, Texas; Medora Jacqueline Pitcock Eubank of Fort Worth, Texas; the Melissa Pitcock Trust of Fort Worth, Texas; Angela Allison Pitcock Adams of Aledo, Texas together known as the Pitcock Family Group action in concert, intends to apply to the Federal Reserve Board for permission to acquire and retain ten percent or more of the shares and thereby control of Graham Savings Financial Corp., Graham, Texas. Graham Savings Financial controls Graham Savings and Loan SSB, Graham, Texas. The Federal Reserve considers a number of factors in deciding whether to approve the notice.
You are invited to submit comments in writing on this notice to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, P.O. Box 655906, Dallas, Texas 752655906. The comment period will not end before January 2, 2018 and may be somewhat longer. The Board’s procedures for processing applications may be found at 12 C.F.R. Part 262.25. To obtain a copy of the Federal Reserve Board’s procedures, or if you need more information about how to submit your comments on the notice, contact Karen Smith, DirectorApplications, at (214)9226786. The Federal Reserve will consider your comments and any request for a public meeting or formal hearing on the notice if they are received in writing by the Reserve Bank on or before the last day of the comment period.

Location: The Graham Leader | Publication date: 12/13/17

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