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THE ESC-2 GOODBUY PURCHASING COOPERATIVE IS SOLICITING BIDS FOR THE FOLLOWING o Facility Services: Building/Equipment Maintenance/Repair; Bid Opening 11/13/2015 o Copy Paper(1-6); Bid opening 12/4/2015 o Buses: School Buses; Bid opening 12/7/2015 o Vehicles: Automobiles/Trucks/Sport Utility; Bid opening 12/9/2015 o Audio/Visual: Equipment; Bid opening 12/11/2015 o Automotive: Vehicle/Bus Parts/ Supplies/Lubricants; Bid opening 12/14/2015 o Band/Orchestra; Instrument Service/Repair; Bid opening 12/16/2015 o Printing Services; Bid opening 1/6/2016 o Catering Services; Bid opening 1/7/2016 o Computer: Hardware/Peripherals /Networking Equipment; Bid opening 1/8/2016 o Disaster Recovery & Remediation; Bid opening 1/11/2016 o Athletics: Team/Coach Uniforms /Training Supplies/ Equipment; Bid opening 1/13/2016 o Electrical: Hardware/Supplies/Control Systems/Equipment; Bid opening 1/15/2016 o Furniture: Office; Bid opening 1/20/16 o Library: Books/Periodicals/Media/ Supplies/Systems; Bid opening 1/20/2016 o Music: Sheet/Software/Supplies; Bid opening 1/25/2016 o Special Education: Supplies /Equipment/Assistive Technology; Bid opening 1/28/2016 o Science: Supplies/ Equipment; Bid opening 1/29/2016 o Security: School/Student Systems/Equipment; Bid opening 2/8/2016 o Fundraising Services; Bid opening 2/10/2016 o Furniture: Classroom/Library; Bid opening 2/17/2016 o Math Manipulatives; Bid opening 2/24/2016 o Projector: Lamps/Bulbs; Bid opening 3/9/2016 o Ground Maintenance: Supplies/ Equipment; Bid opening 3/16/2016 o Lighting: Fluorescent/Incandescent / LED; Bid opening 3/23/2016 o Teaching Aids: Instructional/ Classroom Supplies; Bid opening 4/6/2016 Details will be available on our website at www.purchase.esc2.net beginning October 23, 2015. All bids are opened at 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time in room 2-022 of the Education Service Center, Region 2 located at 209 N. Water St. Corpus Christi, TX 78401. We reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and to award each bid in the best interest of all participating Members.
Location: mysanantonio.com | Publication date: 10/07/15

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