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Discrimination based on sexual orientation: A look at the law
lubbockonline.com / Sat, 26 Jul 2014 02:11:06 +0000

It would be illegal for the organization to fire someone for being a man, for being a Christian or because he is Caucasian.

Firing someone for being gay, however, doesn’t break any laws at the local, state or federal level.

“I think that a lot of people think that because we all deserve a fair shake at work that it must be illegal to discriminate against somebody because he is gay. That’s not true,” said Rebecca Robertson, legal and policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.

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Lubbock man says he was fired for being gay; law says it’s OK
lubbockonline.com / Sat, 26 Jul 2014 01:59:44 +0000


Casey Stegall’s direct supervisor knew he was gay.

But, after he introduced his fiancé to the kids he worked with at the Children’s Home of Lubbock, he was fired.

“I got fired just for me being who I am,” he said.

A year after being hired and spending week after week caring for the children living at the home, he was dismissed for circumstances revolving around what Lynn Harms, president of the organization, called Stegall’s lifestyle choices.

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Authorities seize 3 pounds of marijuana in Lubbock
lubbockonline.com / Fri, 25 Jul 2014 23:42:58 +0000

Authorities seized 3 1/2 pounds of marijuana, packaging material, scales, grinders, more than $1,800 and a four-door BMW sedan as evidence July 19 in the 6500 block of Avenue O in Lubbock.

Deputies assigned to the Narcotics Division/Canine Unit of the Lubbock Sheriff’s Office as well as the Lubbock Police Department’s Special Operations Division responded to the location after a Crime Line tip reported the possibility of illegal activities taking place in the neighborhood, according to a news release.

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Tech physicians celebrate Christmas in July ‘CanPaign’
lubbockonline.com / Fri, 25 Jul 2014 22:29:23 +0000

When a successful businessman walked into the South Plains Food Bank on Friday, he shook his head and told the nonprofit’s CEO, David Weaver, that he and his mother used to receive meals from them when he was a teenager.

“It just reminds you that hunger doesn’t discriminate, especially with the economy the way it’s been the last couple of years,” Weaver said. “It’s improving for a lot of people, but a lot of people are still struggling.”

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Three plead guilty in federal court in unrelated child pornography cases
lubbockonline.com / Fri, 25 Jul 2014 21:11:29 +0000

Three men charged in unrelated child pornography cases entered guilty pleas Friday in federal court.

Rocky Joe Williams, 37, of Littlefield pleaded guilty to one count of transportation of child pornography. Parker James Chapman, 23, of Lubbock pleaded guilty to one count of attempted possession of child pornography. Christopher Anthony Lovato, 30, of Lubbock pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography.

A sentencing hearing will be set after a pre-sentencing investigation U.S. District Judge Sam R. Cummings requested is completed.

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Kodas Kamp welcomes siblings of medically dependent, disabled kids
lubbockonline.com / Fri, 25 Jul 2014 20:26:36 +0000

When Koda Bigham’s sister was born, his life became centered around her hospital visits and doctor appointments.

Brynne Bigham, Koda’s 5-year-old sister, was diagnosed with trichohepatoenteric syndrome, a disorder caused by gene mutations passed on by both parents.

It’s classified as a rare disease present in only 20 known people throughout the world, said Maggie Guthrie, Brynne’s and Koda’s mother. Brynne was the first known person to be diagnosed with it in North America; that was in 2011.

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